The first step in legal writing is understanding the rule. It is the essential element to understand. Then the skill is coming through developing the analysis and writing it down using IRAC.





We spent most of our time on rule synthesis. That is, taking a lot of events and consequences to determine when or how a particular rule applies.

This can be seen as one of the most challenging but necessary steps of legal analysis. If you are successful, your legal writing will be clear, focused, and purposeful. However, if you get bogged down in the details, then there is a possibility of becoming confused. This will consequently lead to slower and unclear writing.

We also focused on how we were all coping after the first week of law school. Although perhaps a little tired, we’re all running hard. I currently have no concerns about performing well.

However, I am slightly concerned about student organizations. I want to join several organizations but do not want to spread myself too thin. Likewise, I want to focus a lot of energy focused on moot. Unfortunately, moot court is highly competitive and only the best are accepted. So, if I do not make the team, I am worried about not having an opportunity to join in any other organizations because I waited too long. I’ll figure it out.

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Will Laursen

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