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Here, you can find checklists for each year of your undergraduate. These are goals you should aim to achieve during that academic year. If you want more details about these goals, see the related articles.


Below are all the things that should be done as a freshman. Even if you are no longer a freshman, these tasks should be accomplished before moving on in your pre-law preparation.

Your freshman year is your planning year. Set plans by:

  • Evaluate which fields of law you would enjoy practicing.

  • Evaluate which law schools would best help you reach that career.

  • Choose a major that aligns with your interest and skills.

  • Decide what organizations you would want to participate in during law school and join similar organizations now.

  • Get good grades, go to TA and professor office hours, and determine which professors you like.


Those plans set as a freshman should begin to take action as a sophomore. If you had too much fun as a freshman and haven’t set those plans yet, do those things first. Here’s what you should do as a sophomore:

  • Begin taking leadership positions in organizations you joined as a freshman.

  • Begin working as a TA or RA for professors you liked as a freshman.

  • Attend a Law Lecture Series (if available).

  • Focus on getting good grades.


Academic Year

Helpful Articles

Below are some articles to help with law schoolers undergraduate. Bolded points above have links to help with the LSAT and admissions.


Here are the final steps that need to be taken before beginning law school. Good luck!

Fall Semester

  • Apply and submit application to law schools

  • Complete resume and personal statement

  • Meet with pre-law advisor

Spring Semester

  • Finish strong and graduate

  • Pay seat deposits at admitted and chosen school

  • Submit transcripts to law schools

Summer After

  • Submit your FASFA

  • Visit the law school campus

Helpful Articles