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Here, we walk you through the steps you need to take to apply to law school. From choosing your schools to submitting your applications, we can help. If you want more details about these steps, see the related articles.

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Step 1: Choosing a School

Choosing what schools you will apply to is a big decision and should be evaluated carefully. You should set goals as a freshman and reevaluate your selections after you take the LSAT as a junior.

What to Consider
  • Your GPA

  • LSAT score

  • Career goals

  • Location

  • Cost of living and tuition

How Many Schools should I Consider?
  • 3 “miracle” schools

  • 5-6 “realistic” schools

  • 3 “safety” schools

Step 2: Using CAS

The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) is a tool by the LSAC that is required to submit most applications. CAS gathers your academic information and sends a report to law schools you apply to. You will need to use CAS at different times of admissions. Purchase CAS early so you can utilize it when you need it. Here’s what CAS can do:

  • Gather your transcripts

  • Gather your Letters of Recommendation

  • Gather your LSAT scores

  • Generate an academic summary based on the information above

Step 3: Letters of Recommendation

When should I obtain LORs?

Obtaining Letters of Recommendation is a time consuming process. You should begin to develop relationships with professors early on in your academic career.

Ask for LORs at the end of your junior year (or beginning of the summer after) so professors have time to write a strong and influential LOR. You will want to have the completed LORs by the end of the summer.

How to ask for LORs?

Before requesting LORs:

  • Get good grades in your classes

  • Work hard as a TA or RA for the professor

Requesting LORs:

  • State the purpose of the request

  • Compliment the professor and compliment your work

  • Make the request

Step 4: Submitting Law School Applications

Here are the final steps that need to be taken before beginning law school. Good luck!


  • Choose what schools to apply to

  • Read the instructions and fill out the application

  • Attach addendums, personal statement, and resume

Personal Statement

  • Draft 3-4 personal stories, tell them well

  • Decide on 3 skills you developed from those stories

  • Tie them together in a 2-page statement


  • Keep it clean, simple, and organized

  • List your academic achievements

  • List relevant occupations

  • Add leadership and volunteer experience

Step 5: The Summer Before Law School

Here are the final steps that need to be taken before beginning law school. Good luck!

To do list

  • Pay seat deposit

  • Submit FASFA

  • Tour your school

  • Wait for orientation instructions

Waitlist options

  • Ignore accepted schools for waitlist decisions

  • Ignore waitlisted schools

  • Pay seat deposit at accepted school then accept waitlist decision


  • Work on your school’s pre-orientation checklist

  • Review basic law material such as “types of law

  • Show up at orientation ready to learn!