Enhance your Legal Education

Enhance Your Legal Education

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About Law Schoolers

Law Schoolers was created by a Law Schooler for Law Schoolers

Originally, Law Schoolers was created to help pre-law school students prepare for law school.

However, through time, we have learned that Law Schoolers material helps any law schooler save time, energy, and money! Our material includes:

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For Law Schoolers preparing to attend law school and want help with their undergraduate, LSAT, or admissions.


For Law Schoolers in their 1L year. Heavy on coursework and less involvement in student organizations.


For Law Schoolers in their 2L year. Lighter coursework, with an emphasis on internships and student organizations.


For Law Schoolers in their 3L year. Focusing on externships and clinics.


For Law Schoolers who want help passing the bar exam and starting a career.

Law Schoolers Law Review

The LS Law Review started out as a the Two Man Congress Podcast hosted by two brothers, Will and Chad. Today, it has grown into an expansive analysis of ongoing legal issues.

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