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Law Schoolers was created to help law school students review the material learned in their classes. However, we have found that the information we share is a simple and easy way for anyone to learn the law.

Whether you’re a law school student, aspiring attorney, or just want to learn the law, we’re here for you! Join us as we share our outlines, notes, network, and strive to become successful in the field of law.

Meet Will

Founder of Law Schoolers

How it started

I completed my undergraduate at Brigham Young University with a major in Political Science. I am currently attending Drake University Law School.

As an undergraduate, I struggled with preparing properly for law school. I followed the LSAC website, but at times felt confused with how the service worked, wishing the organization was better. I resolved to help future Law Schoolers prepare for law school as they work through their undergraduate degree. However, I did not stop there. I wanted to learn more about the law before attending law school but had a hard time finding places online where law school material was covered. The easiest way to learn about the law was to sit in on a law school class. So, what if I documented my experiences with law classes by making my notes and outlines public and share what I was learning?

All of this information could easily be made available online and be a wonderful resource for prospective Law Schoolers (to prep for what to expect in law school), current Law Schoolers (to review course material and prepare for exams), and those who want to be Law Schoolers (for an easy way to learn about the law).

Thus, Law Schoolers was born.

Will Laursen, founder of Law Schoolers

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Why We Exist

Our Mission: To provide Law Schoolers with optimized law school material so they can achieve their highest legal potential.


Our End Goal And How We Will Get There

Our Vision: We are committed to developing a strong community of Law Schoolers. Law Schoolers are individuals who are preparing for law school, current law school students, and those who wish to learn the law. We strive to help Law Schoolers by providing notes, and outlines. Eventually, we will provide courses where Law Schoolers can expand their legal knowledge, pool their resources, and network with other Law Schoolers.

Core Values

Our Non-Negotiable Attributes

Hard Work: Managing all of our life ambitions takes dedication. With hard work, we can be successful.

Consistency: We are consistent in keeping up with our studies and our content.

Integrity: We are honest in all our endeavors. Although we may make mistakes, we never intentionally mislead.

Our History

It’s All About You

You are the reason for Law Schoolers existence. Yes, the notes have been beneficial for Will through law school but the reason why it was published in this format was to help other Law Schoolers. We will always be working on providing you with material necessary for your legal success.

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