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For Law Schoolers in their 1L year. Below you will find free access to course notes. The purpose of sharing these notes are to help Law Schoolers know what you learn in law school.

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1L Fall

Course notes for courses taken during 1L Fall Semester

1L Spring

Course notes for courses taken during 1L Spring Semester

1L Student Life

Experiences outside of the classroom to help maintain legal studies

1L Fall Semester

Here, Law Schoolers can find all course notes for the 1L Fall semester. Click below to view all course notes, or click on the right to view a specific course.

1L Spring Semester

Law Schoolers can find course notes for the 1L Spring semester here.

Civil Procedure II


Constitutional Law I

Contracts II

Legal Research II

Legal Writing II

First Year Trial Practicum

1L Student Life

For Law Schoolers who want to learn what law school is like but without focusing on the course material.