C. Edwin Moore is a moot court competition for Drake 1L law school students. This is an opportunity for 1Ls to practice oral advocacy before it is a requirement in the spring.

What is Appellate Advocacy?

Casebooks come from advocacy. This is a discussion with the court to determine the rule of law.

The Format

  • Parties
    • Petitioning party (Appellant)
      • Have the first word and the last
      • 8 minutes to start, 2 minutes rebuttal
    • Responding Pary (Appellee)
      • 10 minutes in-between the appellant
  • Writing a written brief
    • We don’t need to do this for C. Edwin Moore, but will for any other competitions. The brief will be provided to us for this competition.

These notes are short because it was only an info session, but my interest in the moot court is very high. I don’t know how well I will perform. I feel like I have a stutter when I become a bit nervous, but hopefully I can be successful with it. We’ll see!

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Will Laursen

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