$450 Live
$350 On Demand



There are several different types of property and several rights that are associated with interests in that property. This course will explore those rights and different categories in more detail including:

  • Personal Property
  • Real Property
  • Intellectual Property
  • Estates and Future Interests
  • Concurrent Ownership
  • Leases
  • Selling Real Property
  • Regulating Land Use
  • Eminent Domain

For an example of the live course details and policies, you can view the syllabus below.

Live Option Details

In addition to learning the law, students who participate in the live class will receive live instruction and have opportunities to meet one-on-one with the instructor. Students also receive a real feel of how law school functions, with class periods being structured the same way as a law school class.

Price: $450

Course Dates: August 26 to December 13, 2024

Registration Period: Open Now, Closes August 26, 2024

Access: 365 Days

Prerequisites: None

On Demand Option Details

Want the law but at a cheaper price? Want to move at your own pace? This course has all the same material but is taught through podcasts, readings, and videos instead.

Price: $350

Course Dates: Any time

Registration Period: Currently Closed while the course is being developed

Access: 365 Days

Prerequisites: None

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