The first semester of law school is over and we finally get a little break! Well sorta little. Here at Drake, the break is over a month long which really surprised me. However, I plan on using this time effectively keep staying focused on law school over winter break. Here’s how:

Spend time finishing up some content for the pre-law pages of the Law Schoolers website.

This will keep me fresh on skills that are necessary for law school success. I will be able to practice writing and get out some much needed content that I was unable to finish last summer before law school.

Prepare my financials for next semester.

Life continues to change. Even over this past semester we had some financial changes that need to be addressed. Additionally, I will need to spend time ensuring that I have paid for tuition and make the necessary purchases for textbooks next semester.

Prepare for On Campus Interviews (OCIs) in early January.

After next semester, I will have the opportunity to begin work during the summer. However, the interview process begins much sooner. This time should be spent preparing for those interviews by editing my resume, drafting cover letters, preparing my writing sample (one of our assignments from this semester with the professor’s comments incorporated into the final product), and researching companies I would be interested in working for.

This goal will be the most time consuming over the winter break and will accommodate for several posts that I am planning on writing during this additional free time.

Work (probably through Doordash)

When we moved form Utah to Iowa last summer, I picked up work dashing for Doordash. It wasn’t a ton of income but it was nice to have some money coming in so I could help pay for the bills without relying solely on my wife’s income or student loans and also helps provide some spending money for activities during the break.


Finally, the step we’ve all worked so hard for and are in desperate need of. The semester was a lot, and I could feel myself feeling burnt out near the end of it. This will be an excellent opportunity to relax. I still plan on making it productive relaxation by doing activities that makes me feel rejuvenated (climbing for me). But all in all, this is the activity I have been looking forward to ever since I got sick over Thanksgiving break.

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