Law School orientation has been insightful. There were some times when I thought the material we covered wasn’t necessary (understanding that we would be covering it again later in our classes). But it helped to reinforce the principles necessary for the completion of law school. Below are the things we did on our final day of orientation.

Integrated Study Groups (ISG)

From what I’ve heard, Drake Law School tends to be unique by breaking sections into smaller study groups to meet once a week. This week was our first ISG meeting. We focused on the syllabus, note taking tips, and briefing. This experience was mostly a review of orientation and is there to help students feel how they are doing.

Supreme Court Tour

Following our meeting, we took a bus to the Iowa Supreme Court building to tour the courtroom. This was probably my favorite part of orientation so far. Not only did we see the building, but we talked with several of the clerks for the Supreme Court, many of which had just graduated law school. Hearing about their experiences and how quickly I could begin clerking (even for high courts) was exciting. My only question is whether I should attempt to clerk federally within the State.


Well, myself and my classmates are officially law school students! The oath made sure we focused on professionalism and maintaining honor.


This was a much shorter day. There was no content to cover, or lectures to be heard. By far it was the most significant day for me because of the potential one has to begin a career quickly. My ultimate desire is to make a positive significant impact on the world. That desire can become a reality in a few short years.

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Will Laursen

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