Being successful on the LSAT is one of the most important things you can do to be successful in applying to law schools. However, you can’t take the LSAT without first registering for the LSAT. If you are a first time test taker, there are probably some questions you have about LSAT registration that we hope to answer. In this article, I will discuss several points including when to register, how to register, the cost of registration, and more as we strive to share everything you should know about registering for the LSAT.

When to register

If you are a junior preparing to take the LSAT in the summer (which we recommend), you should register for the LSAT sooner than later. Of course, you can register fairly close to your desired test date. However, by registering early, you give yourself a deadline that is set which increases your motivation.

When you select your test date, I would recommend selecting a date that is in the late spring to early summer (April or June). This gives you most of your junior year to study, take the test, receive a score, and decide if you need to retake the test at the end of the summer (before the registration deadline passes for the August test). If you automatically want to take two LSATS, I would recommend registering for the April and August test.

Thankfully, because the LSAT is online though June 2023, the LSAC has started providing test dates well in advance. This is an improvement from when I took the test, where you could only apply a few months in advance. By registering in advance, you will alleviate a lot of pretest stress.

How to register for the LSAT

The registration process is fairly straightforward. Below are the steps you can follow to register for the LSAT. You can also choose to watch this video as I go over the step by step process of registering for the LSAT.

1. Go to the LSAC website and go to login in the JD Account

  • If you have not created an account before, you will need to do so. You will be given the option to create an account at the JD Account login page.

2. Once logged in and you have input your basic biographical information, hover over LSAT and select register.

3. Agree to the candidate agreement

4. Select your test date

  • Don’t worry about which week, or day of the week, or time of day when selecting the test. LSAC will give you several test options as your test approaches.

5. Upload a valid test photo

6. Confirm registration details and continue to checkout

The candidate agreement

When you register for the LSAT you sign the candidate agreement. This agreement does two main things. First, it confirms that you are the person registering for the test. Second, that you allow the LSAC to send your test scores and profile information to schools that require that information for admissions.

You have to agree to the candidate agreement to proceed with registration and taking the LSAT.

Cost of registration

The cost of registration for the LSAT is currently $215. For first time test takers, there is also the option to “score preview” We will discuss this option more in another article. However, if you choose this option, the cost is $45 if selected prior to taking the test and $75 if selected after taking the test.

Special circumstances

The LSAC often provides help to those who need it. For those who need financial assistance, you can apply for a fee waiver. There are a couple tiers of waivers meant to help students cover the cost to take the LSAT, study materials, test previews, and use CAS. You can learn more about fee waivers on the LSAC website, here.

Additionally, the LSAC will allow students to make accommodation requests for the LSAT. If you require an accommodation, you can request one after you have already registered. Requesting an accommodation is used through your LSAC account. Read here for additional information.

Changing your test

After you have registered for your test, you may realize that you can’t take the test during your selected time. Depending on how close you are to the test date, you could change the test date, cancel and request a refund, or withdraw. Each of these options have different deadlines, so you will want to make any desired changes early if possible.

Any of your desired changes will need to be made on your LSAC account. On your homepage, there is a section titled “LSAT Registrations”. Here, you will see any current registrations you have made and can make changes specific to those test dates.


In this article, we have discussed pretty much everything you should know about registering for the LSAT. Of course, there are other details for more specific and unique cases that are addressed by the LSAC. However, the topics we discussed can be very helpful in answering most questions about registering for the LSAT.

Topics we covered:

  • When to register
  • How to register
  • The candidate agreement
  • Cost
  • Special circumstances
    • Financial assistance
    • Accommodations
  • Changing the test date

If you would like to listen to this article instead, play below.

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