We are beginning a new series about political idealogy. The purpose is to help you know what parties currently believe what things. We will cover several political parties and different lines of thinking. The order of when we discuss these parties does not connote an ideological preference for one party over another. Here, we begin by examining the modern Libertarian views.

We understand that each individual has a different point of view. You may be a libertarian but not agree with some aspects of the party platform. Libertarianism may also be considered an ideology, not only a party. However, for simplicity, we will cover the platform of the party. This will help provide an overview of basic libertarian beliefs.

In this brief article, we will not be able to cover everything. If you want more information about the libertarian party, you can visit their website here.

When Did The Libertarian Ideology Begin?

Although the libertarian party was founded in 1971, libertarian thought has been around since the 17th century. However, libertarian thinking has changed several times since then.

Libertarian, as we know it today, can easily be traced back to 1971, when the libertarian party was formed. Since then, the political ideology of libertarianism has been consistent.

What do Libertarians Believe?

A Quick History

As mentioned previously, libertarian thought has changed radically throughout history. Thomas Jefferson, famous for the Declaration of Independence, was a strong supporter of a small federal government, the separation of church and state, and more.

However, there was a time when libertarianism was focused more on social welfare and government redistribution of property.

Modern Libertarian Beliefs

Today, libertarians strongly push for individualistic choice. The party believes people are intelligent enough to make their own choices. Thus, they knowingly suffer any consequences for making those choices.

The party may be described as fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

However, that statement may be too broad. True, libertarians push for any policy that cuts and lowers taxes for everyone. True, libertarians favor individual choice in issues about abortion, drug use, or immigration. However, libertarians also believe education and health care should be funded solely by the private sector.

Again, not every libertarian believes every “libertarian principle.” In principle, though, libertarians value individual choice and a government whose only responsibility is to defend the people against violence.

In summary, libertarians believe and strive to:

  • Substantially reduce the size of government and cut taxes at every opportunity.
  • Peaceful and honest people should be able to offer their goods and services to consumers without government interference.
  • Peaceful and honest people should decide for themselves how to live their lives without fear of criminal penalties.
  • The government’s only responsibility should be to protect the people from force and fraud.

We have touched only the tip of the iceberg. Libertarian thought continues far deeper than what we have discussed. To learn more about the libertarian party beliefs, here is their complete platform.

Why do Libertarians believe what they believe?

Just like everyone else, libertarians believe what they believe because they feel it will benefit society. The party prides itself in being the “party of principle.” Therefore, they believe these principles will govern a more democratic society where people are free to make their own choice and free from government intrusion.

Will’s Snippet

As I was looking more into libertarian thought, I found myself agreeing and disagreeing with several of the issues discussed by the libertarian party. I imagine the same thing will happen as I dig more into the republican and democratic parties.

Everyone has opinions. Many subscribe to a political party that most aligns with their opinion. Then people tend to bash others with differing political opinions. This stops the policy-making process. Although we constantly agree there are political problems, we disagree with the proper solution. Perhaps each party has a little bit of the solution.

Comment below to let me know what solutions the libertarians may have to offer.

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Will Laursen

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