Computer Assisted Legal Research, also known as CALR is when you use the computer to help conduct legal research. These notes will be more general as each platform (Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg) have specific things to themselves. Here are the current platforms

  • Westlaw
  • Lexis
  • Bloomberg Law
  • Fastcase

It is important to note that these platforms are there to “Assist” you in conducting legal research. They are not to replace you analysis and may not contain all the resources available to you.

How to use CALR

  • Identify key words and concepts to search
  • Look at secondary sources to understand the legal principles between case law
  • Think about words and phrases the court might have used to describe the situation of your client.

You can also use the advanced search bars in all platforms to look at the Boolean rules to specify search results.


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Will Laursen

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